Dr. Mohammad T. Jaberandari

Dr Mohammad T. Jaberansari has a cosmopolitan background.
He was born in Tehran, Iran. He attended school college in Manchester, United Kingdom. For his medical degree he travelled to Pecs in the south of Hungary. That was followed by his PhD, half of which he completed in Cape Town, South Africa, sponsored by UCL of London. He then returned to UK for his basic surgical training (Scotland and Devon) and obtained his membership to the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He finally returned to Hungary where he trained further and is now working as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Budapest. Of course he managed to squeeze in a 3 month internship in Belgium as well during his training.
To date he continues this trend. He does most of his aesthetic surgery work in Budapest. For reconstructive surgery he prefers to travel to Pecs. He even manages to hold consultations and day clinics in the UK.

Because of his scientific background during his PhD years (when he was training to be a heart surgeon!), he is meticulous and methodical. Because of his unique background, he has developed into a highly skilled surgeon.


Quick Profile

Name: Dr. Mohammad T. Jaberandari
Speciality Plastic surgeon