The doctors we work with have many years of experience and have performed hundreds of surgeries within their area of expertice. All of our doctors also have Phd degrees, thus ensuring you the highest quality of medical care when choosing Buda Medical.

The plastic surgeons performs treatments ranging from face lift, tummy tuck to fat filling of the buttocks or breasts. Some procedures are performed by two plastic surgeons at the simultaneously, such as fat transfer. One plastic surgeon performs the liposuction whilst the other surgeon performs the fat filling.

The ophthalmologists always work with our clinical engineer, who supervises the operation of the laser system during the surgery.
Regarding lens exchange, we use monofocal and trifocal lenses.The lenses in the above two groups are also available in a toric version to achieve perfect acuity. These lenses may be needed in cases of astigmatism or where cylindrical glasses has been necessary prior to surgery.


Plastic surgeon