Full face lift

Ageing and loss of resilience of the face and neck can cause the appearance of wrinkles, which can lead to psychological problems. The aim of the operation is to restore a younger and more pleasing look.

The operation

The operation is performed under local or general anaesthetic. A careful and lengthy preparation precedes the operation therefore a sedative injection is necessary in case of local anaesthetic. The incision proceeds from the temple across the hairline, in front of the ear then backwards behind the ear, across the nape and then again along the hairline, generally taking a hardly noticeable course. The aim of the operation is to tighten the skin ont he face and neck following their preparation as well as the removal of the flabby skin. The wounds are closed with plastic stitches and covered with a tight bandage.


The operation involves an extensive area after and upon which swellings and discolouration can develop. This you must be prepared for. Due to the swelling of the eyes, eye drops may be necessary. Following the initial monitoring period the patient is released from hospital accompanied with an attendant. Home care and observation of instructions is the patient’s responsibility.