Infromation about the procedure of eyelid surgery

The eye area is a special area of the face. Problems with the eyelids detailed below can effect the overall image, even little differences are conspicuous. Little wrinkles appear here makes a person look older however a corrective surgery can make a big difference and make a person look spectacularly younger.

About the treatment

Eyelid surgery performed most of the time to correct the loose wrinkly skin caused by ageing. During the procedure the loose skin parts are are surgically removed, making the eye area smooth and younger looking. Excess skin forms „baggy eyes”, which are fat pads under the skin around the eyes.
The result will not last for a lifetime however, loosing of the eyelids may appear again in 10-12 years, when additional surgery can be performed if necessary. Operation is rarely needed before the age of 35, without upper age limit. Women and men both are amongst eyelid surgery patients.

The Operation

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, rarely under general anaesthesia. Regular upper and lower eyelid surgery takes about 1,5-2 hours. On the upper eyelid, the incision is made alongside and over the upper eyelid. On the lower eyelid the incision is made 1-2 mm below the eyelashes. scars are usually thin and not much visible.
Incisions are closed with a fine suture and eyelids are fixed with an adhesive tape. After the surgery eyelids may become discoloured and swollen.

Post-op care

After a short rest and application of ice bags the patient can go home with a companion. A few days of rest usually sufficient, for most patients to continue everyday activities. Pain is usually not significant, some painkiller may be used for the first few days.

Rare but possible complications

Bleeding towards the eyes are quite rare, but can cause serious complications. Bleeding can cause reddish eyes, which is usually absorbed within a few weeks. Edema around the eyes and keloid wounds are rare. The possible complication of the lower eyelid surgery, that the shrinking wound turns the eyelid out, causing irritation or dry eyes. Usually as the wound heals and softens, this disappears but sometimes requires additional surgery.


After the surgery bleeding usually get absorbed in 1-2 weeks. Every day activities should not cause any problems if wearing sunglasses. Stitches are removed in 5 days. Eyelids tend to be swollen for additional 2-3 weeks. Final results can be expected in a few weeks time. Unfortunately as time passes minor wrinkles may appear, however only after a considerable time.