Buttock lift

Buttock lift, is the surgical procedure, which aims to improve the contour, and shape of your buttocks. This is an extensive surgical procedure with prolonged recovery.

Who could benefit from buttock lift?

Make sure this is a procedure that YOU want to have done and not something that you are undergoing at behest of others. You could benefit from buttock lift if you are unhappy with the shape, and projection your butt with your primary concern being butt cheek sagging or excess skin. You should be of sound health and have realistic expectations regarding what is achievable safely.

Evaluation for buttock lift!

Your surgeon would want to know why you would like to have this procedure done and what are your expectations from a buttock lift.  Apart from a detailed medical history, during a buttock lift consultation your butt shape, projection and your overall figure will be evaluated and discussed. Your skin quality will also be taken into account and the direction of skin laxity determined. Photographs will be taken and the options available for you will be discussed. It is important that you understand all aspects of your planned augmentation and if uncertain make sure to ask questions.

How is buttock lift done?

The procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia. There are various incisions that can be utilised to lift your buttock and your surgeon will customised the incision based on your presentation AND preference. The most common incision is placed at border of your waist and your upper butt cheeks. This incision is usually well covered by most underwear and swimsuits. It will allow for lifting of sagging skin as well as possible mobilisation of some of the fatty tissue to further enhance projection. Drains are inserted prior to closure with sutures.
Another possible technique is to place the incision below your butt creases, at the very top of your thighs. This is most useful in case where there is good projection and little skin redundancy on your lower waist. Through this technique small amount of sagging skin can be removed to give better definition and a more rounded look to your buttock.
It is also possible that with both techniques some accompanying liposuction will be carried out to improve overall contour.

Risks associated with buttock lift

Apart from possible risks associated with general anaesthesia, as with any surgery there is always a risk of bleeding, haematoma, DVT and pulmonary embolism and poor wound healing. More specific risks related to buttock lift include infection, fat necrosis, wound dehiscence, intractable pain and seroma formation – fluid collection.

Recovery following buttock augmentation

You will stay overnight following surgery. There will be a drain –plastic tube- coming out of each side if you have had implant inserted, which will collect excess fluid/blood. These are typically removed the within 2 days before discharge. Your buttocks will be swollen and will remain so for the first 1-2 weeks, the swelling subsiding gradually. Pain and discomfort typically does not last more than 5-7 days. Also the fat donor site will be tender and swollen for a good few weeks. Your surgeon will prescribe painkillers and any other medication deemed necessary for you. The special compression garment provided will have to be worn for 8 weeks. During the first two weeks you should avoid driving, strenuous activity or any sudden movements. Sutures will need removing after two weeks. Exercise should be avoided for the first 6-8 weeks depending on your recovery. Following surgery you are expected to return to us for follow up visits after a week and then again at 2 weeks, 3 months and 12 months.